Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Planting Continues

On Sunday and Tuesday the weather was PERFECT for working outside...and we have a lot of work to do. I mentioned on Sunday that Dad had brought home another yard of soil (top-black-peat mix from Felger's), and we have already been busy top-dressing all of the beds, as well as using it to fill the holes dug for all of the new plantings. By the end of Tuesday, almost everything bought on discount over the summer, I'm very proud to say, has been planted. Now for dividing, moving, and bulbs...

One of the new, extended edges of the Shade Garden is full of room for bulbs, and I am already planning another mass edging of muscari. For now, however, I have only put in two bunches of 5 of these lovely 'Tahiti' daffodils, as well as several 'Purple Sensation' allium.

The bergenia cordifolia 'Winterglut' has finally found a home (after about 4 months).

One of the four hosta plants I picked up for about $2 each about a month ago. This is 'Loyalist'. All of the dirt in these new extensions is incredibly easy to work and mostly free of clay (unlike the White Garden)

A few more hosta. The one on the left is new-'Stained Glass'-whereas the one on the right was moved from another spot. Hopefully he will be able to spread out a bit, since he had been rather cramped.

I know it's a bit hard to see what's going on here with all of the leaves, but across the bottom are three Lady's mantle plants (they will line the edge of the extension) and behind on the left is a $1 astilbe, and on the right another new hosta 'Dream Queen'.

This little columbine also finally found a home. Hope he makes it!

After moving the dirt on Sunday, I decided to take the shovel over to the "decorative" grass and have at it. It took two lawn bags, but I got it all out!

Woo Hoo!!!

Junior was over on Sunday, and was eager to help spread the new dirt (when he wasn't chasing squirrels).

I accidentally dug up a clump of daffodil bulbs. I decided to go ahead and split them, although they are only a few years old. Two clumps are better than one!

Removing that damn grass gave us room to plant this lovely lady named 'Elle'-a hybrid tea rose. The scent is AMAZING!

Three more lupines also found a home in this bed (which was once part shade, but is now mostly full sun after a storm).

And down the center are several types of Oriental lilies (as well as several more 'Purple Sensation' allium).

I found this last little white bleeding heart ('Alba') at Menards for a dollar or so, and planted him in a back corner of the White Garden...a bit behind the Japanese anemone. There are also about 42 white tulips to get planted in here (I've not found ANY white 'Thalia' daffodils this fall-and I'm not too happy about it!).

And last but not least, out on the arbor in the Cutting Garden I planted this sort of different looking clematis 'Praecox'. It gets tiny flowers like the autumn clematis, but the blooms are light blue and purple, rather than white. It appears this clematis is a rambler, but can also be tied up and "trained" on an arbor.

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