Sunday, October 30, 2011

Frost Hits, Garden Clean-Up Begins

Winter weather has hit the East Coast hard this weekend, and Winter was in the air in the garden, as well, with the first killing frost of the year. We may not have been surprised by several inches of heavy snow (and the resulting broken tree branches and power outages), but Winter is fast approaching, and it is time to get the "put to bed".

Out in the Cutting Garden the frost was very evident.

The Mexican sunflower's leaves are shriveled and blackened.

Pretty blooms ruined.

Last week, after this alocasia was covered before a light frost hit, I hurried to get it potted up.

I couldn't resist potting up the begonias, as well. They won't make it through the winter (I doubt) but they were so pretty I brought them home to brighten up the Penthouse.

A mass of hosta (which I still hope to move).

More zinnias up by the patio were pulled out.

The Vegetable Garden in pretty much finished.

Tomatoes toppled. I'll tackle this on Tuesday.

I did pick every remaining tomato, however. I'm going to brown bag them for a few days to see if they stand a chance at ripening. If not, it will be fried green tomatoes.

All of the impatiens in the Hydrangea Border, still so bright last week, now need pulled out.

I removed all of the cosmos, several rows of zinnias, and lots of weeds from the Cutting Garden. This, too, will be continued on Tuesday. Plus the raspberries need staking and all the berries mulched.

A rather bleak change from the vibrancy of last week.

The last alocasia was covered last night, but still suffered. It was just too cold. I cut out what I could, without removing the stems that will grow the next set of leaves.

The current leaves are awfully wilted, but new ones should push through in no time now that he is safe and warm. I thought I would experiment a bit and under planted him with some shoots off of a hens and chicks plant.

And the winner of the Last Plant Brought Home contest? The big old rosemary. I've learned to trust this guy over the past winters, and am not too worried about his survival. Now to move all of the plants to the dining room-my ceiling gets fixed tomorrow and they need to be out of the way.

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