Friday, October 14, 2011

The Garden is Still Producing...but for How Long?

The weather is still being pretty kind to the Cutting and Vegetable gardens, but I think our luck is about up. Next week the forecast dips down to 34 degrees...dangerously close to frost! Sunday (weather permitting) I plan on potting up the last three alocasia. Then Mother Nature (or Old Man Winter) can have her way. The cooler temperatures are keeping the Bloom Boom booming, and I am taking home lots of flowers every time I stop by my parent's.

The raspberry leaves are turning, but everything else is still going strong! Some of the zinnias are about 4 feet tall!

A lavender tinged dahlia.

An amazing red streaked yellow dahlia (of course I have no names!)
The chilly temps seem to be making the zinnia's colors so much more vibrant.
And the cosmos keep putting out more and more blooms.

A perfect cosmos blossom. It's time to start saving seeds...
I know I keep saying it, but these yellow dahlias were the best purchase of the year. I cut this handful, and you would never even know it looking at the plants!

Out in the garden the parsley is going crazy-and will thankfully survive a few dips into the sub-freezing temps. I do need to start harvesting, though.

And I fear there will be an abundance of green tomatoes this year. There are so many still to ripen...and I am pretty sure they won't have time.
Back at home I grabbed a new (50 cents at Salvation Army) old celery vase (yes, the Victorians used to serve celery in these) and stuffed some of the flowers into it.
Looks almost like an old Belgian still-life.
Some of the bigger dahlias in a little pottery vase in the bathroom.
And, my constant, zinnias on my desk (in one of the hobnail milk glass tumblers I found in Warsaw). I hope the frost holds out just one more week. That's more week!

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