Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Ghastly Gardenia!

You may remember my post about the great clearance priced gardenia I bought back in late July. Well, he was a showstopper for a bit before becoming decidedly pissed off. Leaves were yellowing and dropping, buds shriveled up, and I was really at an end in our relationship. However, I moved him to a spot in the dining room where he gets bright, indirect light, and hoped for the best (I do think that stretch of TREMENDOUS heat also took a toll). Last week I cleaned him up and noticed that, perhaps, all hope is not lost.

I really was considering using him for a Halloween decoration. This was after I had shaken out about half of the dead leaves.

Then I noticed this, and thought "If he thinks he can still grow back, who am I to disagree?"

Enter this product I found online at Logee's. I had ordered it in preparation for the citrus move (since the citrus trees usually get a bit yellow by the end of winter), but was happy to read that it also works well for gardenias. I applied the first application right away.

The leaves ARE still glossy, after all, and the yellowing has slowed down a bit.

And the new leaves continue to grow. I know this will be an uphill battle, but hopefully a battle worth fighting. (And those white flecks are dust, not mealy bug...which I was worried about)


  1. I have a total black thumb with houseplants...used to have so many but pretty much post-kid #1 they've all been neglected to death.

  2. You more than make up for that black thumb in your garden. Let's hope my citrus trees make it through year two inside as well as they did year one!