Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Henny Penny Moment...

So there was this crack in my ceiling...over by the windows...

And this is what it looked like after it collapsed.
This is what the floor looked like (I had already moved the other cycads-they are fine-and the agave and a poor little rosemary plant who just came home on Tuesday but was caught in the avalanche).
I have a lot more cleaning to do. Thank goodness I had some Guinness tonight.


  1. And you called the landlord immediately. Because I said so.



  2. Plaster is such a pain! We've had a ton done in our house and still have a ton more to go. The thing that sucks is that to fix that, they'll have to remove a lot more.

    Better start taking EVERYTHING out of that room, Matty, it's a horribly filthy home improvement that takes a few days of work (then you can't even paint right away because you have to wait for the plaster to cure).

  3. Orene/Martha-that was the first thing I did (after swearing like a sailor).
    Anika-That was my plan all along...and why I wanted to put it off until next week. Plaster, however, waits for no man. Perhaps it can be pushed back to Thanksgiving week when I'm out of town. I sort of like the lath ceiling. Maybe I should just have them remove the whole thing and leave it!