Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pink Applesauce

Alright, it's really not any different than making regular applesauce. Actually it's almost easier (as long as you have a food mill to get rid of the skins). I know I just posted about applesauce not too long ago, but, as I said yesterday, I've been working on a rather scattered amount of projects lately, and just want to keep the posts coming (I don't want to slack off again).

I've been eating apples pretty much non-stop since the Johnny Appleseed Festival, and received a second influx of apples after the Bristow Wedding. I was afraid their firmness may be coming to an end, so I used almost all of them last night.

Nothing like a bowl full of perfect apples! Make sure you use red skinned apples-that's what you need to make the applesauce pink! Just slice them and throw them in the pot.

Tossed them in a pot with a scant amount of water to keep them from burning, then cooked them on medium low until the spoon started to mush them up. I usually try and do other things in the kitchen, or at least nearby, while the apples are cooking, just to be able to keep an eye on them. There is nothing worse than a pot of burnt applesauce.

Into the food mill it goes-this is the step that would be just awful without the food mill. I'm not sure how else you would get the skins out (without picking them out by hand).
Perfect pink puree!
As pure as can be-nothing but apples and water. Perfect for latkes!

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