Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding Weekend

After years of near misses, my friends Erin and Phil did what many of us always knew they would-they got hitched.
On Saturday friends and family gathered at the Hague Estate (and Winery...and maybe someday Vineyard) to celebrate. And boy did, until 2:30 in the morning. Some of us had to scrape the frost off of our cars before we could leave. Did I mention it was cold?

I arrived around 10 o'clock, having gone to my parent's house and cutting anything and everything that was ready to cut. It wasn't that much, but, with the addition of some fresh sage, basil, hosta and wild flowers from the Hague's garden, everything worked perfectly.

Using simple Ball jars, each arrangement had a little of this and a little of that.
This was the first thing guests saw upon arriving...almost. That dreadful wind ended up knocking the arrangement over, so the branches were sort of wound around the baskets on the table.
The table held everything needed to make caramel apples, and everyone was urged to fill up a bag on their way out.
Plenty of wine was available, too. Both red...

and white. We used the old washtub we use while weeding in the garden to hold the wine over a layer of ice.
Then people could go find a seat. The cloudy morning turned into a perfectly crisp and sunny autumn day. The rustic wood chairs from work (All Occasion Party Rental) completed the casual, country look.
A closer look at one of the arrangements. The tiny blue flowers were from the woods, whereas the coleus and sunflowers were from my garden.

I really like the last minute addition of the bright maple leaves.
We really thought Baby Hockaday would have made an appearance by now...but nope!
As night fell it went from crisp to COLD! There were plenty of blankets to wrap up in for chatting and catching up with old friends, or the dance floor to really keep things heated up.

The dance floor was where Coco was most of the night.

By all reports (and the look of things this afternoon when clean-up began) everyone had a great time. Congratulations again, Erin and Phil!!!!


  1. did an outstanding job. Everything was beautiful.


  2. Very nicely done Matt,enjoyed the pictures of the beautiful fall arrangements...thank you for sharing. And Congrats to Erin & Phil.