Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adding Crocus Bulbs to the Lawn (Without Pawpaw Seeing)

Junior is always a great help in the garden, and after some hard work cleaning up the Vegetable Garden, we headed over to a bare patch in the backyard. I've been wanting to plant crocus bulbs in the front yard for quite a while-I love the way they pop up in the spring and are faded by the time the first mowing has to take place. My dad (Pawpaw to Junior), is not so supportive of this idea. That is, until his grandson is planting the bulbs in the yard.

Digging for worms. The poor things were cold and moving so slow...that didn't stop Junior. He just picked them up, stuck them in the corner, and covered them with leaves. I'm sure they are fine.

After that we played Jail for a while with one of the bamboo tuteurs. This kid really loves being "out-hide", and grabs his shovel and rake the minute he hits the back door. Hopefully he will soon learn what can and cannot be walked on (we're still working on that).

First you dig a hole...the weeder works good for that, just push it down and sort of swirl it around to make a hole wide enough for the smallish crocus bulbs.
Then you put the bulb down in the hole and cover with dirt.
The most important step is messing the grass back up to Pawpaw will have no idea we were digging in the yard.
Mission accomplished. We scattered about 20 bulbs out here in a sort of empty space between the pergola and the Cutting Garden. We'll have to see what happens, and then maybe plant some in the front yard next year.

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