Tuesday, November 22, 2011

At Long Last...

I have my living room back

About a month ago I can home and saw this.
And this!
And THIS! (Yes, the plaster bits and dust were more disconcerting to me than the alarming view of lathe in my ceiling)
For much too long I was living like this (for a few weeks I had the furniture back to "normal", but no rug or pillows or lamps). It was bad.
Then one afternoon Nate showed up with his stilts.
And he did this.

After one more weekend he redid the entire ceiling on Monday evening.
And then I was able to do THIS!!! (hands and knees cleaning the floor-not with the spray bottle, but with a bucket and a rag).

And now things are back to normal. However, I am sort of thinking of somehow moving the dining room things out here, and the sofa, chairs, and TV in the dining room, and then maybe get some other chairs for out here, and make it more of a multipurpose room, and then the dining room would have more of a purpose, rather than just being a walk through space (most of the time). That "plan", however, will have to wait.

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  1. i am really good at moving furniture!! and my dining room walls are nearly done, but i am having a crisis about what to put on the piano...i am so terrible at that stuff...