Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bringing Home The Amaryllis

Last Saturday was the end date for the amaryllis' dormant period, so I opened the door in the garage cabinet to find...

A tangle of dead leaves. Perfect!
This guy seems to be a bit too pert, so he is staying locked up for a few more weeks.
Brought everyone home and got to work removing the dead leaves, removing any debris from the summer outside, and topping off the soil. Amaryllis bulbs like to be "shoulder deep", so don't bury them in the dirt.
Most look pretty promising. Plump, green bulbs.
This guy, however, was the only one that looked, well, less than lovely. He still has live roots, however, and a bit of green on the small, but firm, bulb, so I replanted him and crossed my fingers.
Everyone was watered well, placed on a tray in the front windows, and will now continue to be ignored. If they don't sprout after a few weeks or a month, you can try again. Once a flower shoot appears, you can begin to water more regularly. Now we'll just have to wait and see...

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