Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bulb Planting (and Digging Up) Continues

Unlike last year (when we were at 760 some), we haven't been putting many bulbs in this Fall. What with all the new beds, it has been a chore just getting all of the perennials purchased over the summer planted in their new homes. That said, I think we will still probably have about 100 total in the ground before snow flies...I hope.

It's also time to start digging up the dahlias to (hopefully) overwinter safely to plant next year. You need to wait for a couple of frosts (the leaves will turn black) before digging, but we've had that already, so the dahlias in the Cutting Garden are coming out.

You want to leave a wide space between the plant to keep from slicing up the tubers (so the title is wrong, I'm not really digging "bulbs").

My Dad already disconnected the hoses (thanks?), so I used a bucket of water to clean off the tubers.

Well, I sliced one. Hopefully the others will be strong enough to make it through the winter. They need to dry out for a few days before being stored in newspaper (some people use peat moss, but newspapers always seem to work).

Next it was on to the "Ramble". I'm not sure why I call it that, but the lilacs and forsythia planted out here at the back of the yard I picture as one day being sort of wild and rambling. Anyway, we planted about 24 split corona daffodils out here.
They look like this, although we simply planted them in a row (meaning it will be several years before they look as full as this picture).

Part of the "Ramble". It's also the place where we heel in the many, many, many sedum that get moved around all the time. They are the most forgiving plant in the world. The Ramble will eventually meet up with the edge of the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch. It's a bit longer than the picture shows.
These daffodil bulbs are a bit of a risk, since everything I read says they are either pure white, or pure white that turn a cream color.

They are now planted in the White Garden, so they may just need to be picked before their cups turn creamy (or moved altogether when I can get my hands on more 'Thalia' daffodils).
Remember-weed, weed, weed as you plant.
I don't think I posted this, but several weeks ago I also planted about 42 white 'Purissima' tulips in the White Garden. Maybe I lied about the number of bulbs going in this Fall. It may be about 300. Ish.

They look like this (a little creamy? hmmm...).

Every tulip bulb gets a dose of bone meal. What bulbs are you planting this Fall?


  1. We did under !)) this year...mostly alliums, fritillaria, & mini daffs. We lost our pug, Thalia this year so we've done those too.

  2. I really need to get back on the catalog wagon next year. For two years I was spoiled with what was available locally. Fritillarias MUST be added to the garden!