Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cleaning Up (or Out) the Cutting Garden and Berry Patch

The weather on Tuesday was perfect, and though I didn't get anything planted (except one little lilac sapling that has been waiting since spring), I accomplished quite a bit of clean-up. Not only is Fall the time to rip out the annuals (to help prevent diseases overwintering in the soil), it is also a great time to weed and cultivate. Helps to get a head start on Spring when your beds are close to already prepared. Sunday, however, will be busy with bulb planting (as well as cleaning up the Vegetable Garden).

The entire area to the right of the raspberries is clear...the cosmos and zinnia stems disposed of, as well as the weeds. Lots of weeds.

It is rather dubious weeding here, as there are many bulbs underground waiting for March. The Dutch Iris, however, help you out by shooting up Fall foliage (much like muscari does).

I was very happy to see several new shoots beneath the red raspberry canes (which still need staking).

Hopefully they will fare better from the varmints than the older canes did last winter. I'm still up on the air on fencing this area off.

The dahlias need another good hit of frost before I will dig them. We are usually 50% successful in overwintering the tubers, so we'll have to wait and see what happens this year.

I love how red the blueberries turn in fall. They'll need their burlap coats pretty soon.

All that's left now is to top dress the berries (the row of currants are the yellowish green plants on the far right-they've grown wonderfully) and mulch them in well.

Goodbye tomato vines. I'll deal with this on Sunday.

While snooping around the Vegetable Garden I noticed this guy still hanging around.

The last pepper of the year.

But while some things are dying, others are growing. I'm going to be able to get a few more baby mesclun greens before the season is over!

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