Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kate and Andy Spade : My Decorating Soul Mates?

Do you believe in soul mates? I don't. I don't think. Maybe I do. Anyway, I DO believe in Decorating Soul Mates. Martha was the first (the streamlined Martha of the late 90's onward, not the basket-on-the-ceiling Martha of the 80's to mid 90's), and still is (of course!!!). However, as I was going through old posts on the Selby I stumbled upon the apartment of Kate and Andy Spade, and something just clicked. They have the same chic throwaway-English-aristocratic-country-house-meets-Upper East Side-WASP style that I love. that how I describe my style? Hmmm.

Anyhoo, the moment I saw the Spade's Park Avenue spread, it looked both amazing and familiar. I'm not saying the Penthouse has the same swanky style as Kate and Andy's apartment, but I think we have similar way of putting things we love into our living spaces without wondering first how it will "go" with everything else. When asked how they find things for their homes, Andy said, simply, "We just find things we like and figure it out." That pretty much sums up my approach to decorating, as well.

There are tons more photos on the Selby, so be sure to check them out...because that is where all these pics came from, and there are MANY more awesome home tours.

Love, love, love. Are those gray walls I see?

Love the bookcase. What an easy way to re purpose a china cabinet!

I don't have to tell you how much I like art hung gallery style.

Really? This desk set up is almost exactly like mine...down to the lamp placement and three drawer old desk! Not to mention books and magazines everywhere.

Comfy, mismatched, book filled bedroom.

This is why I collect candlesticks (in my case brass...actually that was inspired by Martha).

Haphazard picture hanging.

I need to see if I can clean up my brass switch plates.

I also love that the Selby shot this when evening was falling and lamps were lit. So much better than the usual shelter magazine spreads.

Cocktails, trays, and mixers.
all photos from The Selby


  1. I LOVE the idea of the china cabinet for a bookcase!! I love the lived in feeling too. Much better than most tours.

  2. I sort of want to find a new place to store my china, and free up the cabinet!