Friday, November 18, 2011

More Around The Garden

Yesterday I posted about the bulbs going in, but we have been working hard on the clean up of the Garden, too. We still have a lot to do (I add things to the list every time I sit down), but we have been making a pretty good effort. Some things could wait until Spring, but it's just so much easier to do it now, especially since Spring is always busy with WEEDS!!!

Here is a bit more of what has been going on.

The Vegetable Garden is pretty much cleaned up. Still have mesclun producing, so that bed will probably wait until Spring to be cleaned (since the mesclun should grow until snow falls). Everything needs to be tilled, but (horrors!) the tiller stopped tilling on Sunday! I'm sure my Dad can fix it, but it really could not have happened at a more awful time.

This little row of kale is going to be heavily mulched with leaves (just to see what happens).

As are these carrots. Again, just to see what happens. There have been many times where a carrot was left behind, under some leaves, and pulled up healthy as ever in the Spring.
I am EXTREMELY happy with how well all of my little clearance Japanese anemones are doing. They have doubled their size since I brought them home.
Out in the Berry Patch I started staking the raspberries.
Using plain old wire I secured it around the sturdy posts.
And made a few passes to get the canes standing upright, rather than flopping over. They will be cut to about 3 feet in the Spring, and more wire will hold up new canes. This will also make it easier to protect the plants from critters this winter, since the posts can support the chicken wire. Now they just need mulched with manure.

I haven't even begun to tackle this tangle of blackberries and golden raspberries. Ugh.
Turning around, I saw that someone already decided to EAT one of the blueberry bushes! I can't get their burlap coats on fast enough. I think we will definitely need to fence in the Berry Patch/Cutting Garden next year. What a headache.
On a happier note, some of the poppies I "weeded" out of the Cutting Garden and shoved in the ground are making an appearance. Yet another "wait and see".
And the cold can't stop the fresh herbs! More parsley (to freeze) and fresh dill (already growing from seeds dropped by this Spring/Summer's crop).


  1. You did great sir. I used to watch my grandmother do gardening and I just like to watch.haha But later I got curious about planting something so I planted those beans I saw in the kitchen and went to the back of the house and tried it. I tried what my grandmother did when she was planting those spices using seeds. Luckily it grew but some of the seeds did not. But I'm happy that if you plant something you will get something.

  2. That is the great thing about gardening! A little work leads to real results (and a little more work will lead to even BETTER ones!)