Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Thrifting

Who says they can't find a deal? Tuesdays, although still putting in some time in the garden, have become Thrift Store Day. Today was no different. I ran over to the Southgate Salvation Army, always a treasure trove, and found a few things. I also went around the corner from work a few days ago and checked out Cherished Again. I hadn't been there in a while, and sometimes they have something nice and cheap (but usually not nice and a bit pricey). I found a Heywood-Wakefield buffet for the bargain price of $295 (in case you are looking-I didn't buy it), but the rest of the furniture I really wouldn't want to cherish once, let alone again. Still, there are things to be found if you dig a little. 

I also posted some finds I forgot to post a few weeks ago...

A nice brass tray (cocktails?) that should clean up pretty well. $1.50 (from Cherished Again)

At Southgate I found this nice, heavy, silver plate tray. $1.25

Also a little silver box for $.40. It is destined for desk top thumb tack and paper clip duty.

I spotted this at Cherished Again under a bunch of picture frames. I think it was $4.00.

A silver chest in pretty good shape (so I can take my overflow silver out of their baggies in the trash bag drawer).

More milk glass. (Seriously, brides-to-be, there may be a Matt Gallaway Collection exclusively rented through All Occasion quite soon. Perfect vintage pieces for your wedding day).

I spotted this Spring/Fall raincoat several weeks ago and passed it up for something else. It was still at Southgate today, so I tried it on (again) and bought it. It is really more gray than the picture (but I guess the lighting and the gray paint make for a drab photo). A nice, streamlined coat.

AND it's Oleg Cassini.

This jacket is what I passed over Oleg for a few weeks ago. It needs to be tailored (so I've been told-and it does-waaaaay too large), but...

It was $3 and Oscar de la Renta.

Even better than that was this $5 Bill Blass, navy blue (none of the pictures turned out) 100% cashmere blazer. It, too, needs taken to the tailor, but not nearly as bad as Oscar. I think I can throw it over a shirt and sweater and use it as a "coat" until it gets fitted. Nice to find such a great piece from the late Mr. Blass on the South side of town since he went to Southside High School (my mom has my grandfathers yearbook with Bill Blass' signature).

Oh! And I almost forgot the $5 J Crew puffy vest I found on my visit to Warsaw. I love it...perfect for working outside. Or hunting.

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