Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Uneventfully Good Sunday (at Home, In the Garden, and with Martha)

Ah, lazy Sunday. Saturday night I got a cleaning bee in my bonnet and tackled the bathroom and kitchen with a toothbrush (well, several rags), as well as a pitch through the closets to attempt to rid myself of a few sweaters and shirts that I never wear anymore (as well as gain a few inches to put away things I wear far too much). All the while I was glancing at the plants that are looking a bit thirsty, but that I am refusing to water until Monday (so they will make it through to the following Monday when I get back from a little Thanksgiving jaunt down South), and wishing I would have had the weekend to clean the entire apartment. Alas, the ceiling is still awaiting it's final coat of plaster, and the Dining Room is currently a storage facility for the Living Room furniture. I am now focusing on tomorrow, when I can get a bucket, a rag, and tackle the Living Room floor before putting everything back. 

Today, therefore, I slept in a little (though not until 2, as some people will tell you I do), and then, well, did a few things...

At last a chance to flip through the Zingerman's catalog. I had my coffee with me, but the Times had to wait.

I realized too late that the sun sets early these days, so hurried to my parents where we put in quite a few of the remaining bulbs. It's that late season scramble, where you start to dig and pray you don't dig anyone else up. I got lucky-planted all 50 Dutch iris bulbs, as well as a dozen daffodils and several hyacinths and didn't disturb a single sleeping bulb.

Also discovered more of the "shoved in" poppies. They may finally begin spreading around the Garden a bit.

Then it got dark, fast, so my Mom and I ran to Joann's to buy a few yards of burlap for the boxwood (hopefully this task will be completed Wednesday, otherwise it will have to wait until I get back, and that makes me nervous). Anyway, I had forgotten that Martha Stewart Crafts was now available at Joann's, so got excited.

I'm not really a crafter, but I just love all these different packages for Holiday treats.
Great labels! I still have a stockpile of Martha Stewart wrapping paper from K-Mart, but the stockpile of tags has disappeared. Time to replenish!

Great coasters. These could even be tucked in with a bottle of wine as a hostess gift.

Even sheets of tissue paper perfect for dividing up the treats in the boxes. I ended up getting some window clings...but you'll have to wait until the Penthouse gets decorated to see those.
5 yards of burlap purchased, and Sunday's gardening was over.
I came home and had a salad, most likely the last of the year. Just drizzled a little oil and balsamic vinegar on it, and some crumbled goat cheese.
Oh! And these raspberry candies for dessert (not the whole tin). My mom always had these when we were kids, and I hadn't seen or thought about them in years, but they were on the candy shelf at Joann's. They are a bit more lozenge than candy, but I love them. Oo la la!

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