Sunday, November 27, 2011

View From the Top

I had a pretty exciting morning a few weeks ago when I went on a mini tour of the new Parkview Regional Medical Center in order to plan for a few upcoming events. The place is pretty amazing, but the best part was when we headed up to the helipad...

The new cafeteria, or "Servery", as they are calling it.

Looking down on the rather grand, light filled lobby and rocky fountain.
We took the elevator up, up, up. And then walked up two flights of stairs (as the elevators with helipad access were not operational).
It's pretty awesome up there. You can see on, and on, and on.
Looking West over the new Heart Center onto Autumn Ridge Golf Course, and, I think, Illinois!
Heading back in, I spied the Memorial Coliseum (on the horizon "touching" the building).

And then there it was. Our fair city. I'll be able to see this view again at night in a few weeks...not sure if my iPhone will take any good pictures, but I can't wait!