Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Weather Outside Turns Frightful...

...but the plants inside are delightful. Or a handful. Things are still a bit of a mess post plaster collapse (not really sure when that is going to be worked on, as it looks like it may be a much more messy project than originally thought, so I keep putting it off), but slowly plants are being moved away from the far end of the dining room (where they were shoved) and some semblance of order is returning. Slowly.

Oh my. The sacrifices for the things we love...The table is actually cleared off again, and the plants in the lower left hand corner were on the coffee table in this pic (another thing moved for preliminary ceiling repairs) but the table, and plants, have moved back.
Oh how the citrus is thriving! The Meyer lemons keep budding out, and I am so excited! I am pretty confident that my citrus collection will survive the winter...knock on wood. Only the Fukushu kumquats seem to be unhappy.
...blooms (that I am pollinating with a q-tip, not really sure if it matters, though, as most citrus are self pollinating)...
...and the beginning of fruit (the swelling green bases of the stigma...which is actually the ovary of the flower, but we won't get into that).
The one normal sized Meyer lemon is getting ripe!
Some limequats were used in some bourbon and diets last weekend...I was drinking wine.

The poor elephant ear that got hit by frost (although covered!).

I could easily see where the next leaves were pushing through, so I decided to take drastic measures.

And just chopped everything back to just above the emerging leaves. Time will tell.

These poor succulents have been waiting for several months to be re potted. They were all found for 75 cents each at Lowes, and had been ignored (though sort of thriving) in the front windows until the ceiling fell and they needed to be evacuated.

The one Jade plant even had little pups coming up!

Much happier in their new pots and better, well draining soil. Oh, and that is their friend the sage plant that I decided to bring home (two others were planted in the Vegetable Garden).

The two smaller rosemary plants took the brunt of the plaster collapse. They had several broken branches.

This break was almost at the base of the plant. Thankfully, both are doing just fine.

And there is already a new batch of rosemary dried out in the fridge.

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