Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Burlapping Begins...and Not a Moment Too Soon

One thing any gardener knows is that the best laid plans can be altered in a moment by dear old Mother Nature. Such is the case with the lateness of getting burlap wraps on all of the boxwood and berries. The boxwood is wrapped to protect from heavy snow breaking the branches and windburn, the berries also to keep from the desiccating winds, but mostly to keep out the varmints. Every day I had planned on burlapping, the rain had other plans. Late today (after an all too quick visit at the Cottage DeHaven) I accomplished part of the task. Sunday looks to be about as warm as today, and DRY! In fact, aside from a chance for snow showers Thursday, the week ahead looks to be dry enough that some of the standing water may disappear. Fingers crossed, as there are still a very few bulbs that need a home. 

I know, I'm way behind!

The calendula are still holding up, fighting the snow.
New, heavy stakes were purchased this year. The boxwood are all already turning a bit brown. Not happy about that.

Most everybody also received new "coats".
The boxwood all had a bit of a trim a few weeks ago, too. This one has grown fatter this year.

This little guy really does worry me. Drainage is a bit of an issue. He seems to have done fine, but next summer, since I do not plan on adding any new beds (are you marking my words?) and plan instead to focus on edging, I may attempt to raise this bed just a little.

Bring on the snow! These guys are safe from windburn and broken branches! You can see in this shot what I mean about focusing on edging. We may need a load of pavers brought in so I can start defining all of the beds.
The rabbits strike...again. Only one blueberry bush survived those little jerk-offs, setting us back yet ANOTHER year.
They are now all blocked. Oh, and there will definitely be a fence built around the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch next spring. I don't want to deal with this ever again!
Everything I've read says currants and gooseberries are "not tasty" to rabbits. I'm only halfway convinced. All the currants have grown so well this summer, I'm rather afraid of them being chewed up and spit out.
And the kiwis (after being eaten to the quick last winter and growing back strong-all the way to the top of the pergola) will be protected by a wire fence.

Oh! And the azalea will recieve a wind block (again, rabbits don't find them tasty, but I want to give him some protection).
I suppose I should pull the broccoli...
This row of currants will need to be cleaned up of grass in the spring. My, how time got away from me this summer.

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