Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at the Penthouse 2011

At last, after the camera died and the iPhone came to the rescue, is the post about my Christmas decorations. Some things have been changed, but many remain the same (if you are a longtime reader, you may remember a few things). And yes, most everything comes from Martha. It may be too late this year, but perhaps you might get some ideas for next year!

I didn't want to mess with perfection. A similar shot of this little feather tree got me on the Martha Blog, after all. (image 23)
I found this cute, glittered garland at Joann's from Martha's craft line.

Branches of winter berries are the easiest way to decorate out of the way areas. You can just sort of shove them into place.
I pulled almost my entire collection of Jadeite out of the china cabinet and into the kitchen after seeing this article in the September issue of Living. It reminded me of why I started collecting Jadeite (indeed, I believe it was the first thing I ever really "collected") in the first place. Nothing is too precious not to use, and I think it might just stay out for a while.

The dining room always seems to have a gold and silver "Woodland" theme going for it. I add a few things every year.

Like a couple little owls.
And new mini ornaments, like this red fox.
Poinsettias have played a rather large role in decorations this year as well (because I had to save them from the dumpster after a large party we did a few weeks ago). This one fit perfectly in a faux bois pot.

As did this one in a newer piece of faux bois.

A bad photo, but these large kugels hanging from evergreen and gilded pine cone "swags" on the sconces are pretty much a repeat of last year.
And the bright, glittered Bird Tree made a comeback this year as well. It fit into a milk glass bowl, and extra reindeer found a spot beneath it's branches.

I love these little vintage inspired, sort of quirky, ornaments. They are in the old telephone niche in the hallway with a jar of Christmas candy (the kind that is soft on the inside).
I found these great ornament clings at Joann's as well. Martha's elves sure do think of everything. The jingle bell wreath reflected in the mirror is on my bedroom door.
I found this old, broken bobeche in my parents' attic over the summer. I knew the aqua "dusted" flowers and pine boughs would look great in the bathroom. One half fit perfectly on each sconce.

A polar bear protecting some of my essentials.

And a new glittered sea lion joined the other bear below, beneath the Christmas cactus (just like last year).
I wanted to put this garland somewhere else, since the main tree in the living room was so "ultra ultra" this year. However, at the last minute before the first of last weekend's cocktail parties, I decided to go ahead and place it where it normally hangs.

This year, however, I added some birds that would usually be on the Christmas tree.

A red glass bird perched at the top of the swag.
These ornaments were all found in the same box as the broken bobeche I used in the bathroom. I knew they would look good in the living room with the new tree.
A classic red poinsettia in an old Martha Stewart Everyday planter.
And more poinsettias in more planters. I'm glad I bought every one they had when they went on clearance years ago. I think I have six. Or maybe seven...
Taking a nod from some of Martha's trees at her house this year, I grabbed some of her yarn (called something "eyelash" from her collection with Lion Brand Yarns)...
And strung it sort of like tinsel.

I also added some Shiny Bright ornaments to the tree to break up the hot pink and red.

I have to say this tree has really grown on me. I miss the "personal" one with all my ornaments collected over the years, but this guy is just way too awesome for me not to love it. Maybe next year he'll go in the dining room and be decorated with gold and green and pine cones. Hmmmm...
Oh! And this Christmas bulldogs made the cut again, too!


  1. Beautiful! I am particularly fond of your owl and the pot that you're displaying your Christmas cactus. My Christmas cactus has several buds on it. Fingers crossed they'll open this weekend.

    I am jealous of your jadeite! :) I love jadeite restaurant ware, and look at it a lot online, but haven't bitten the bullet just yet and purchased my first piece.

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks, Christine! I bit that bullet years ago, and always have to keep myself from getting too excited on eBay. Part of the fun is the hunt, and then you can just pick things up piece by piece. That's how my collection started!

    Hope you have a blooming Christmas cactus!