Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lots of Troubles and a Few Successes

Just when I thought we were out of the woods, my Citrus Collection starts to act up. I'm afraid I was a bit mean to them before I went to Charleston, letting them go without water until the last minute. Or maybe it was because the radiator behind them was turned up at some point and dried them out while I was gone. Whatever it was, the Meyer lemons are pissed and the limequats have branches dying off...and I don't know why!

This Nagami kumquat is perfectly happy.

The little Key lime still has some leaf yellowing issues, but otherwise looks good.

The Fukushu kumquats are holding their fruit quite well...and are quite tasty!
The Meyer lemon on the left (the youngest one in the collection) is doing fine. The lime on the right, though...yikes! He has zero leaves left. This happened to him last year, too, but then he perked back up and was fine over the summer. Better than fine, even. He has me very worried.
Then there are the older Meyer lemons. The one on the left is only half-bad, but the one on the right is just plain bad. I've read quite a bit about this, and all of the gardening forums say this happened to them and then the leaves grew back and everything was fine. I hope this is true!

The fruit is holding on, though the other lemon dropped off. Thankfully it was ripe, since citrus will not ripen off the tree.
They are still getting buds, too.

Looking close at the bare one, and I found a little shoot. I hope they are happy again soon.
Ugh! This is just awful! I cut the dead, dried up branch out and am hoping the mysterious dying off will cease. Both plants have a single dying branch like this. So strange.

To help with humidity issues (mainly the dry, dry air of the Penthouse in Winter) I bought 25 lbs of aquarium gravel and filled the baking sheets I use to hold the plants (some great thrift store finds, these pans).
Filled with water and then adjusted the gravel so no pots are actually sitting in water.
The Chicago Hardy figs seem to be going dormant for the winter.
But the little 'Petite Negra' fig just had a burst of new growth. I am so confused!
Remember this alocasia that was hit by the frost before I could bring him in? Well, I cut him back low and...
Am happy to report that he is doing much better, though a little droopy. The alocasia are all going to get new places in the Dining Room, just as soon as I can go get the columns they will rest upon. I am worried, because I am already counting down the days until Memorial Day, when everyone can go back to "Camp" in the garden.


  1. oh no! I am sure everyone will come through?! Sending hugs filled with photosynthesis....

  2. haha! Thanks! My fingers are crossed!