Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year, New Projects

It's that time of year when Winter has me focusing on the Penthouse, rather than the Garden, and the time to tackle the projects I've been putting off is here. There will also be some new projects underway at Mom and Dad's house, as we get ready for Grandma to move in (including a bathroom makeover and finding the perfect place for the perfect French countryish chair I found for $15 at a thrift store). I also need to reorganize almost every corner of the Penthouse, from the linen closet to the pantry.

I think, however, I should have one more week of Holiday cheer before I really get busy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is ready for the New Year!

This was the "grand finale" present from Mom and Dad on Christmas morning. I'm excited to see if my plan for table legs will work! Add "Brass Trays" to the list of collections. I love it, and am very excited to use it as a coffee table!

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