Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree (2011 Edition)

Sometime last January or February I took advantage of some DEEP discounts at Grandin Road, where the Martha Stewart Collection is available for most Holidays. This year it's all peacocks, woodland animals, and whimsy. Last year, however, they had this awesome retro tinsel tree and ornaments. It was a bit of a splurge (though not nearly as big as if I had bought it full price), but I haven't bought a tree in years, and, although I sort of miss my mishmash of ornaments, this guy is the tree for 2011.
Someday I'll have room for a second tree, but until then...

I had only ever taken it out once to look at. I love the "fireworks" at the end of each branch.

The base is styled after a pie plate.
As I dug into the box or ornaments, I completely forgot that I had also bought two sets of these glittered reindeer.
They live under the tree.
I've heard of Crisco Disco, but I really like Christmas Disco!
It came with a TON of vintage inspired ornaments. I had forgotten there were so many!

Bad shot of a little bell.

We once had a ton of these...but my older sister poked out the middles.

It's a far cry from my normal tree, but a happy change.

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