Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tucking the Garden In for the Winter

Last week was too wet, then I was too busy, and so today, though the ground was frozen, I finished planting the handful of bulbs that remained. At least I won't have any wasted, dried up bulbs next Spring. Things are really beginning to wind down in the garden.

The top two or so inches of the new shade extension was frozen solid, but after I chopped through it with the shovel, I was able to plant an edging of muscari and little 'February Gold' narcissus.
I believe there were 25 of them (and 50 common muscari). One side planted...
And onto the next. I wonder if they will really bloom in February. That's not so far away!
We had planted several of these pink 'Fondant' hyacinths along the Hydrangea Border (quickly becoming the "Pink Border" after liking the looks of all the pink impatiens this summer). The ground over there (on the North side of the house) was still covered with quite a bit of snow, so I decided to just dig a trench along the edge of the Vegetable Garden and throw them all in.
The plump little bulbs are so pretty, and in the Vegetable Garden I'll be able to "harvest" them for the Penthouse without stealing them from the perennial beds. They certainly look like Spring!
I also pieced together some scraps of burlap and got a windbreak up around the azalea in the White Garden.
It's not the prettiest bit of burlapping I've done, but it should keep this guy nice and warm. Now, aside from some fencing to protect the kiwi vines and berry bushes, the December garden chores are complete.  Bring on the seed catalogs!!!

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