Thursday, January 26, 2012

Checking In On The Paperwhites

Well the first round of blooms have come and gone, but there are more getting set to open, as well as a few new bulbs to pot up. Paperwhites really are the most forgiving things on earth, and as long as the bulbs aren't soft they are still good. And as I've said before, grabbing lots after Christmas when they go on clearance is a great way to have blooms until Spring.

This guy is just starting to shoot out roots (after being in a bag in my apartment for at least a month and a half).
This guy is growing a bit faster.
Once the roots are growing it is much easier to keep water in the containers without fear of rotting the bulb.
Almost ready to bloom...
This galvanized container came with the four paperwhite bulbs that are a bit pale looking. The darker green ones are all ones from a different $2 bag from Home Depot. I think they just need a little sun and in a few weeks...
...I should have more blooms like this!

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