Monday, January 9, 2012

Citrus Update...Home Grown Garnishes!

The saga of the limequats continues. The one in which I pruned out a dying branch seems to be doing better, and then a second one started dying. The dry, wilted leaves are limited to one or two branches, not the entire plant, and it is really beginning to baffle me. I just hope they pull through until Memorial Day, when they can go back to Summer Camp.

It has not been all bad, however. Everything else seems to be pretty happy. The days are only getting longer, so I believe we are over the hump!

This is the limequat I had cut the troubled branch out of a few weeks ago. So far, there has been no repeat.
This poor guy. He lost all his leaves last winter, too, and then rebounded vigorously over the summer. If you look close, you can see some new leaves emerging next to the very last leaf he is holding on to.
Ugh. This is the newly troubled limequat. See how the branches on the left are just dying? I have been researching, but still have no idea about the cause.
I picked the fruit...

...then hacked off the branch. Hopefully this half of the tree will remain healthy.
The leafless Meyer lemon continues to surprise me.
It has lovely blooms.

And lots of buds.

Even on the leafless branches. So strange.

The Nagami kumquats are finally starting to get ripe.

You just pop the whole thing in your mouth, rind and all. So good!
The other Meyer lemon (the one that still has leaves) has a lemon that is beginning to ripen, and continues to grow bigger every day.
Some more good news! The Chicago Hardy fig is getting new leaves! And a little fig!

More new leaves.
And even more. This guy lost quite a few leaves, but not all of them.
This is the fig that was supposed to be planted in the garden before the snow arrived. Little did I know that the first few freezes would end up being nothing more than a tease. I brought him home, still in the nursery pot, after he dropped all of his leaves and was still not in the ground. He's looked like this since November.

But apparently the dormant period is ending! I'm glad I didn't count him out and leave him on the patio to freeze above ground!.
Here is my little harvest for the weekend. Meager as it is, I'm still excited!
And one limequat is all I need for one bourbon and diet.


  1. I love your harvest!! What do the blooms smell like? So pretty!

  2. They smell amazing! Happy Birthday!