Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Firing Up the Label Maker

"Get Organized" seems to be in every list of Top Ten New Year's Resolutions. I , of course, like to pride myself on being quite organized all the time. This is a complete lie, naturally, but I DO stay rather organized in the kitchen and closet departments (my office is another story). Yesterday, however, I realized there needed to be some cleaning and rearranging in the pantry. 

Alright, alright. Full disclosure. I found mouse poop in a chewed open bag of year old marshmallows. I was mortified. Mouse poop. A mouse had pooped in MY pantry. I really don't even keep anything in the pantry that is in any sort of chewable packaging (aside from all of the crackers I currently have left over from Holiday parties). I am praying this was an isolated incident that occurred months ago. Only time will tell, but for now I'm relieved to have a cleaned out and reorganized (well, maybe just tweaked, since, like I said, I am VERY organized) pantry.

Things had taken a turn for the worse. Suddenly I was fearful of the plastic bag of almonds. And why is the honey on the spice shelf? And the steel-cut oats on the sugar shelf? Oy!

Enter the Letra Tag. I decided if I was regrouping, I may as well go full tilt. Each shelf would have a purpose, and therefore a permanent reminder to stay organized.

I even made a few new labels for the containers (though I wish I would have had some clear labels).

Grouping things together-Oils and Vinegars (and couscous and peanut butter).

Beans and Nuts (the almonds safely tucked away into a glass container).

The spice shelf is sorted out and easier to see.

All of the sweeteners are together again. God I hate that shelf liner.

Overall, a much cleaner pantry that is hopefully too nice and tidy for a mouse. Fair warning to all critters- I'm not above grabbing a frying pan to keep them from coming back once and for all. No catch and release for things that poo where they eat.


  1. Other than the graphically violent finish...your pantry is wonderful...i love the shelf with the glass jars of nuts the best!

  2. Did you like my use of the word "Legumes"? And that mouse will see a violent end, should he decide to return!

  3. Legumes is a delightful earthy!