Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frightfully Spring-Like Weather

 After seeing a post this morning by my friend, the mistress of Cottage de Haven, about her roses blooming and her famous hydrangeas leafing out, I began to panic. This unseasonably warm weather has naturally caused bulbs (especially daffodils) to begin pushing up, but that is pretty normal, and the snow that must show up at some point will insulate them and cause them to stop growing. Indeed, most plants around here are pretty smart, so I wasn't THAT worried. The only real risk to spring blooms would be a late spring freeze, once buds have already been produced. 

Oh...wait. Some of our daffodils have buds!

I hurried to my parent's house after taking down Christmas at the Theatre to see what was going on in the Garden. I have to admit, I was mostly displeased.

Seriously. This bunch of daffodils always push the envelope in the Spring, and often have strange blooms because of their early growth. I fear there is no way we will have blooms from them this Spring. I mean, they have honest to God buds on them!

More confused little daffodils.
Over in the White Garden, the lilacs are opening a few leaves. I'm not too worried about this, just a wee bit nervous.

In the Hydrangea Border the Autumn ferns are still green, but this, too, is perfectly normal.

Some hydrangea leaves are slowly unfurling. I think we will be alright, though, as most of our hydrangeas are re bloomers. A few years ago, however, we lost several in a late Spring frost. This weather is just too weird!
I went to check the currants planted outside the Vegetable Garden (they are fine) and noticed the new thyme plants are still green and spreading nicely. So are the weeds.
Out in the Berry Patch I started to get pissed off. Apparently the rabbits are hungry, despite the warm weather, and have attacked the Autumn Gold raspberries.

As well as the red raspberries. This sets us back again, the little bastards. I hope the thorns scratched the hell out of their throats.
Poor little confused shrub rose.
Then I went out to check the Arctic kiwi vines. Some ass of a rodent decided to snap the vine near the base. They didn't really eat anything, just chewed it in half. No more romanticizing the cute little bunnies. The only good bunny is a dead bunny.
I immediately put hog and chicken wire all around the other two kiwi vines. At least here I know I have a male and a female plant, so perhaps we will get some kiwis this year.

Guess I needn't have been in such a hurry to get the boxwood covered. I should have concentrated on fencing off every single plant in the Garden. I need to buy some traps and some poison. I may even poison the corn, just in case it's the damn squirrels that are doing this.

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