Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Organized - "Gardening" Desk

I'm not really sure when this desk arrived at my parents', but I think it must have been when they moved into their house 30 some years ago. I, at least, remember it always being there. I'm also not sure when the doors broke off, or maybe it happened before it arrived (although I vaguely remember them). Maybe my sister and I did it. At any rate, this desk was actually a radio stand (the doors had cloth panels, thus allowing the sound to escape) given to my Grandma Norma by a lady down the street when she was growing up in Yoder, Indiana. It was stuffed with sheet music, and I believe my grandma used it for sheet music, as well.

I believe it moved with me three apartments ago, and them moved back to my parents' house, before coming with me to the Penthouse. Because of it's drop front, it has always been sort of a catch all-toss things in and close it up. I often use it to write (with a pen and paper, away from the computer), though that always requires a bit of shuffling. Last week when I was reorganizing all of the plant labels from this past summer (and wondering where I could put all of the seed catalogs arriving daily, as well as the Garden Index) I decided that it's place in the Dining Room would be perfect for a "Command Central" of sorts for all of my gardening supplies.

Now I have everything I need for plant maintenance, seed storage, and planning in one place.
I had used a desk calendar for this desk once before, although it requires some alterations to make it work so the desk can be closed. I just cut out a section of the cardboard in the back (about an inch right where the desk "folds") tack down the corners (after eyeballing where the bottom half needs to go) and voila! It works!
Next I started sorting out seeds. I had so many empty packets! I know they should be in air tight containers, but I've never had trouble with germination storing them this way in wire baskets (although I may try and find something air tight that will work, just to be safe).
Organizing anything means firing up the label maker!

All of the labels from plants planted last year are now filed in their (properly labeled) sleeves in what I call my Garden Index.
Next it was time to sort out my seed catalogs-tossing last years (although keeping ones that had plants I wanted, to reference when shopping this year) and making room for 2012.

They are stored down below with some books and the Index.
Next to that are all of the fertilizers, some extra pots, and supplements and sprays.

With the desk cleared of clutter, I now have room to plan, plan, dream a little, and plan some more. I've already marked "Sow peas and sweet peas" on the calendar on Saint Patrick's Day.

Plant markers are in a little faux bois tumbler, and all of the seeds are sorted into flowers, herbs, greens, legumes, and vegetables. One of the narrow shelves above is the perfect place to keep the extra plates and saucers I pick up at thrift stores to use as plant coasters. Twine, florists wire, and clippers all have cubbies, as well.
Once closed up, the desk's slim profile is perfect for this high traffic area of the dining room. I'm determined to keep this desk free of clutter, and am thankful to have a space away from the "office" desk to sit and write, plan, and make my endless lists.


  1. ahhhhh! the feeling of organization! how revitalizing!

  2. Just you wait...I'm REALLY getting organized!