Thursday, January 19, 2012

Greek-style Chicken Pitas

The other night I used a recipe from Everyday Food that has disappeared from both, as well as my email, to make a quick and tasty dinner. It's no King Gyro's Greek chicken, but hey, it was still good. I think I can pretty much remember the whole thing, so here goes...

Slice up a red onion. The recipe called for tossing it with two Tbs. of red wine vinegar, but I also like tossing red onions on salads, so I used lime juice (like I always do) to help take out the bite.
Cut the chicken breasts into about 1 inch chunks, then add a lot of oregano (I added way more than the 2 Tbs. the recipe called for) as well as lemon zest (again, 2 Tbs., but I added more). I also added lemon juice. And salt and pepper. I cannot stress enough how WONDERFUL a Microplane zester is. Martha has been using one for years, and you don't HAVE to buy hers, but they are all made by Microplane, so it doesn't matter. I love my Kitchenaid mixer, but my Kitchenaid zester blows. It doesn't really zest, and it's impossible to clean, blah, blah, blah. Get a Microplane-it zests easily and the zest falls right out.
Cook the chicken in 1/4 cup of olive oil for about 10 minutes or so (you know, until the chicken is no longer pink in the middle-I always cook it a bit longer than recipes say, because I'm a scaredy cat).
To make a quick tzatziki cut an English cucumber in half, then slice into half moons.
Then add a bunch of Greek yogurt, lemon juice, chopped fresh parsley, and salt and pepper. How do you like those measurements?
By then the chicken should be about done.
Sorry about the crappy iPhone pic. Anyway, shove a little bit of everything (as well as some halved grape tomatoes) into warm pitas and chow down. They are best eaten immediately over the kitchen sink, but a plate will do in a pinch.

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  1. Taste of Homes Cooking for 2 magazine had a great recipe for these a couple of years back. Love them. Yummy!