Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It MUST Be Those Damn Squirrels!

On Sunday I was walking around the garden, mostly just looking at the snow (and picking broccoli, believe it or not) when I walked out to the pergola and saw this...

One of the two kiwi vines I had "saved" by placing a cage around them has been snipped like the one on the other side. I am pissed. Really, really pissed. It must be squirrels, right? I mean, what else is climbing over a wire fence? There were no tracks, so it must have happened before the snow fell. Or maybe those little jack asses use their tales to dust away their tracks. I'm looking into falconry...if I had some sort of raptor, they would eat well on all the corn fed, fat ass, ungrateful squirrels in the back yard.
I went back around to the front of the house and saw the heavy snow weighing down the big old boxwood (WHY my mom says we cannot burlap this one is beyond me!). I decided to grab a broom and take my anger at the squirrels out on the snow.
Alright, I was pretty gentle and didn't whack it that hard. The point of keeping snow off evergreen shrubs is to keep the branches from snapping. At least the boxwood is doing well (but notice the browning at the tips? It really wishes it was burlapped).


  1. haaaaaaaa, well I had no idea the squirrels were so downright evil...raptors sound...scary

  2. Honestly, i don't now what else it could be. I'm going to have to fertilize the hell out of the vines just to cet them back to where they were. Then I guess, I'll have to get some sort of flexible mesh or something to protect the vines.

  3. good luck! i know my grandpa finally broke down and put a volted fence around his garden this year..plus a blaring radio, plus 4 live traps around the perimeter, plus his giant black german shepherd...but i think the creatures still broke in a bit...