Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Look What Arrived Today From Logee's!

Today at work, just as I was looking at the weather forecast to see what was going on with the predicted snow on Thursday, the mail man (an extremely grumpy sort) came in with a large box under his arm. I'm glad they were shipped before the snow arrives, or I may have had to wait until Spring for them to ship.

I was so excited! It had completely slipped my mind that I had ordered a couple of post holiday sale plants from Logee's, one of my favorite online sources for citrus plants.
A 'Ponderosa' lemon...

...and a little camellia called 'Fragrant Pink'.
Tonight at home I unpacked them and took a better look.
I really know nothing about growing camellias, but with the sale price and a special coupon, I think I paid less than $8 for it. I'll take the challenge.
Logee's always does a wonderful job of packing their plants for shipping.
The dirt is kept in place with packing shreds.
The some of the leaves on the 'Ponderosa' lemon (also called the American Wonder Lemon) are enormous! I can't wait until this guy takes off. The lemons are just like regular lemons, only much larger. It is thought to be a cross between a lemon and a citron, and was first sold to the public in 1900. Some fruit can grow up to 5lbs! The skin is bumpy, and there are more seeds, but since they are larger fruit, they have way more juice.

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  1. I never knew...their verdant green leaves are beautiful!