Monday, January 16, 2012

Meatless Monday - Pink Pasta!

I've been trying to branch out a bit and eat less pasta, but I saw this in the New York Times while looking up something else several months ago, scratched it down on a scrap of paper containing a list of blog post ideas, and then promptly forgot about it. Then, the day after I decided to make the scaccia ragusana from yesterday's post, I ran across this on Alexis' blog, as well!

Here is the recipe. If you like beets, you'll LOVE this!

Roasted beets, skins removed, ready to chop!
In go the greens (leaves only-no stems) for about a minute.
Then right into the ice water. Wring them out...
...and chop them up.
Everything coming together in the pan.
This was wrong-I should have added the goat cheese to the beets/greens/garlic mixture and THEN the linguine, but oh well. It still worked.
See? Pink pasta! I'm not really sure how much pasta water I added, I just sort of added bit by bit until the "sauce" seemed about right.

Really, really good. I wish I would have had a bit more goat cheese to toss on top!

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