Sunday, January 22, 2012

MORE "New" Milk Glass and a Couple of Tables

Last Tuesday, as usual, was a great day to swing by the Southgate Salvation Army. Not only did I add to my collection of milk glass, I added to my collection of tables. One will probably find it's way to my parents' living room. The other, however...

First the milk glass. The tall vase is now one of a pair (I swear I am going to get a bride to rent these at work and make all my money back in one wedding), and the hobnail cachepot is a slightly smaller version of the very first piece of milk glass I ever bought.
The footed compote isn't actually milk glass. It's just opaque white glass.
The cake stand, at $1.50, was really a great find. From the fluted foot... the sunburst design on the top. Not a single chip anywhere!
I picked this Fire King mug up just because it was sort of strange. I had never seen a green and dark brown (or maybe black-it's hard to tell) pattern. The green is more dull than jadeite. Not sure what I'm going to do with this (time to open La Savant Marche on etsy?).
After I came home and unpacked, I suddenly decided the tables I had seen (at $6 each) were really too good to pass up and jumped back in my car. That's right, I went all the way back to get the tables that I knew I should have grabbed in the first place. I really need to listen to my gut.
The base is quite lovely. And the table itself is extremely sturdy. When I told Mr. "Where-Are-You-Going-To-Put-Another-Table?" (I will leave this naysayer anonymous) about my finds, I said one will go to my parents' and the other already has a use. Well, maybe it was more like "One will go to my parents' and the other one already has a use SO THERE!"
This is the other, Asian-inspired table. Beat up, to be sure, but very sturdy and the perfect height!
And the top doesn't matter at all because you cannot see it! This table is the perfect coffee table height for the oval tray. The base I stole from the other tray table my friend Abby gave me has returned to it's original place, and the recycled garden table base I was using has gone on to another possible project at work.

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