Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moving Mirrors (A Short Tale on Thinking Before You Screw)

Sometimes I make major hanging things before I am absolutely certain I like what the outcome will be. An example of this would be a mirror from the Martha that was discounted to $20. Pricier than I would usually pay, but Indiana had just sent me my tax return (although the IRS really taking their time this year, usually I have the opposite problem). I LOVE mirrors. Especially in a place (like the Penthouse) that only gets really good Southern light in one room. I thought it would look nice in the kitchen.

I was wrong.

I hate fixing holes in walls.

Measured out the width between the hangers.
Measured the wall and screwed in the screws. Notice the hole in the wall from the screw that held one of the plate hangers that used to hang here? I figured the mirror would cover it, so why bother?
OH! No like!
Really! I don't like it! And the mirror and its two new screws was supposed to hide the other three holes that were already there!!!
So it moved into the hallway where the smaller oval mirror hung. Now where the hell do I put THAT mirror?
Well, I hung it directly above the mirror in the dining room.Thank God for high ceilings!
This is also how they were hung next door when I lived in the first floor flat (look on the very edge of the bedroom wall). I miss all the windows in the old apartment...

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  1. ugh. i hate filling wall holes. your new mirror is so pretty, though