Monday, January 2, 2012

My "New" Tray Table

I mentioned after Christmas that my Mom had given me a largish brass tray I had seen on eBay to add to my burgeoning collection. Well, I decided to put it to use as a coffee table (the old coffee table is currently acting as a plant stand, and will probably end up at my Mom and Dad's, painted red, in it's next life). I had also found some bases from patio tables while cleaning out the Prop Room with Chief at the Theatre. They had been riding in the back of my car for a little over a month, and now one has a new lease on life.

Who knew a beat up patio table missing it's top would be anything worth keeping?

I did! That's who! A quick coat of Cast Bronze metallic paint (from the Martha Stewart Living paint line at Home Depot) and I had one new base! However, it didn't look right for the new oval tray.

So I took the base from the brass tray Abigail gave me, and at first tried an old gold color, but then decided to use the same Cast Bronze.

Excellent! The metallic of the paint is rather subtle. If Abigail ever asks for this stand back, I swear I'll paint it white again!

The patio table base is perfect beneath the round tray. Makes it a tiny bit mod.

This is the new tray. Perfectly shaped for use as a coffee table.

I love it. It's a bit smaller (always good in a small space) and perhaps a wee bit taller than a "normal" coffee table, but I don't mind at all. The legs work great!
This is my inspiration. Martha's Green Parlor (photo from Martha Stewart Living September 2009). I wanted to paint the dining room this color green, but I thought I should wait until I was out of a rental and into a more permanent home. However, I think I can almost replicate this table scape exactly....

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