Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Around the Garden of 2012 (The Varmints Haven't Been Kind)

On Sunday I was excited to see the ground was almost dry enough for a pleasant little walk around the Garden. It started out nice enough, despite everything popping up WAY TOO EARLY. But then I saw the damage done by those damn rabbits.We haven't even had a bad Winter!

Looks like 2012 is already being met with set-backs.

Tulips along the Hydrangea Border...in February. Tulips. February. Wrong.
The little climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) is full of buds ready to burst. We are going to have to come up with a permanent support for this guy this year.
I can't believe there are daffodils about to bloom.
Usually these guys bud out way too early and then suffer from normal freezes in March. This year it looks as though they will get to bloom...and I may get to pick some in a day or two!
The hellebore is growing and starting to bloom (which is normal-ish).
And then we have one of two forsythia eaten down (no flowers for me...again), branches laying all around as if after a taste they spit them out. Bastards.

Golden raspberry and blackberry canes bitten off out in the Berry Patch.
One of the white lilacs is also ready to burst...a happy sign.

Not so happy is the Pee Gee hydrangea at the back of the White Garden. These rabbits better be ready for when I come, because it is not going to be pretty. Along with the raspberries, forsythia, and the hydrangea, they have also chewed back part of a young viburnum, three blueberry bushes, and part of one of the currants (which they supposedly don't like...perhaps that is why they only bit off two branches). Oh, and the kiwi vines I noticed earlier in the winter. So frustrating.


  1. um, I did a quick walk of my yard yesterday and apparently having the dogs gone for a week was a disaster for my bulbs...freaking rabbits....

  2. I was trying to convince my parents that they needed to get a dog...it hasn't worked out so far.