Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More "Salvaged" Flowers

One bonus to working large events is the leftovers. I'm talking flowers, not food. I always have some sort of fresh flowers in the Penthouse, and most of the year they are right out of the Garden. In the Winter, however, after the holiday poinsettias and paperwhites have begun to fade (unless, like me, you remembered to pot up some paperwhites late in the game) it can get a bit costly bringing home something fresh from the market or florist. That is why a windfall like this is always appreciated. And Kari from Lillian Rose seemed pretty happy for me to be taking these "leftovers" home.

One of two buckets full of blooms.

This mix of roses, anemones, gerberas, and alstroemeria brighten up my desk.

Another small mix on the low brass tray table.

Some quickly fading anemones and roses.

A rather lush and unexpected mix of orange Oriental lilies and chartreuse Bells of Ireland (watch out for their thorns).

Shades of yellow on my night stand.

A luxurious bunch of hydrangea on the dining room desk.

And last but not least, a bright bunch of yellow gerberas in a jadeite salt shaker. The beautiful pot was made by my friend Laura from Stonewares, the start of a collection that I am certain will continue to grow.

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