Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Blogiversary Gift to Myself

Two years ago today I started rambling on and on about the things I love doing. Cooking, gardening, decorating, cleaning (I really do love it!), and entertaining. In short, all things homekeeping, which I believe most importantly includes adventures with family and friends. After all, what's the point of creating a home when there is no one but you to enjoy it?  

I had been living in the Penthouse for less than two months when the Bon Savant hit the interweb, and I was pushed by the blog to get my ass in gear and get the things done that needed to be done. First  I wanted to share the things I was finding for the Penthouse-from all those bargains I was thrifting to paint colors I was choosing. Then it was taking you along with me on all of the trial by error cooking and baking successes (and disasters). And I don't even have to mention the ever expanding garden experiments. And now, two years later, there are still several projects that need to be completed. I mean, I REALLY need to finish painting the trim in the living room, as well as the office. And the repaired ceiling. And the kitchen counter. As well as many more "finds" to discover and miles of garden beds to somehow edge.

I guess what I'm saying is, though my posts are slow in coming from time to time, I still have a lot to say. Or post. Thank you all for continuing to follow along, because it really does inspire me to do more in order to have something to share.

Oh, and I bought myself some presents to help me keep order with all of my ideas, inspirations, and plans.

Happy Blogiversary!

This afternoon I went to Staples to check out the new Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery items. The rest is history.
New journal (for the stuff you don't want me to write about on here) and some notebooks.

Tons of awesome labels. The self adhesive bookplates are super cool, as are the plain Manila tags. The faux shagreen boxes are awesome, too.
These self adhesive pockets come in different sizes and are really handy.

Remove the covering...

...and stick it wherever you want! The pockets remove cleanly. I used to have a clip hanging here with recipes I scratched onto scraps of paper. Now I have a place to put them!
More faux shagreen, and more pockets. They come in this blue, brown, and white. I added the bookplate.

They also have binders and everything else you need to customize a planner! This will help me blog regularly, I promise.
Martha even added ideas for blog posts! Or helpful reminders. You can look at it any way you want.
The Bon Savant Corporate Headquarters. Be it ever so humble...

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