Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One! Two! Three Daffodils!!! (Around the Garden With Junior)

Forgive the blurry photos...Uncle Matt only had his phone with him.

It certainly is warm out today! The bird feeders are full, let's go see what else is going on!
Those early blooming daffodils are finally open!
...three! Three daffodils! In February! Who would have thought?
The hellebore keeps growing taller. Also called "Lenten Rose", it is blooming right on time!
And look! Some of the crocus bulbs we planted right in the yard in secret from Paw-Paw are coming up!
Won't he be surprised?
Some of Uncle Matt's hyacinths in the cutting garden are up!

And the new muscari edging one of the new Shade Garden extensions are pushing up as well!
It looks like this may be a great Spring for all of the bulbs we planted! Thanks for taking a tour with me!
Oh...and Uncle Matt took home the daffodils for his desk, since the kitties at my house would have eaten them.

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