Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Polishing, Polishing, Polishing...Spring Cleaning Fever Strikes

So I was sick, then had a busy weekend. Down the Line at the Embassy was lots of fun on Saturday, but not nearly as much fun as the after party (well,sort of) but the after after party was a blast. I think I fell asleep at the after after after party. On Sunday I was tuckered out (Honestly, who stays up until 5 a.m.? People don't do that anymore...do they?) AND had to pick up some things from the Cancer Services fundraiser and then help take down the booth at the Bridal Show, then Sunday evening I attended an Oscar soiree with some very dear friends (whom I don't get to see very often-especially the "sarcastic" one). Whew! I never was so excited to get into bed as I was Sunday night.

Today was a nice change of pace. An entire day off with nothing scheduled until 5:30 when I had a Play Selection meeting (but it was at Henry's, so it also involved a few drinks), I set to work cleaning the Penthouse. I mean REALLY cleaning. Like precursor to Spring Cleaning cleaning. I think the warm weather really has me pushing to get everything ready for Spring, when I'll be spending all my free time in the Garden and not doing the intensive cleaning the Penthouse deserves.

I usually polish all the silverware around my friend Corinne's birthday (it's a long story) but I missed it this year (it was February 3). Today I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Done! Mostly just needed soap and water (because when you use it every day, it doesn't get tarnished so fast). Wright's silver polish handled the rest.

Trays and cups. The cups I use on my desk to hold pens, and on the bar to hold stirrers. Trays I use all over the place, especially under plants to protect the furniture (they are all thrift store finds, mostly).
Done! Polished silver just makes me feel better!
A few brass trays. Again, cheap-o thrift store finds.
As are all of the brass candlesticks.

It's hard to tell how tarnished brass is until you polish it. The one in front on the right doesn't clean up, so I'm guessing it has a different ratio of copper to zinc. But what do I know?
Used a bit of elbow grease (and Bar Keeper's Friend-which I use on every metal except silver) and got some of the dirt off the Christmas tray. It cleaned up really well.

Brass on brass. The succulents are all still happy!
 A footed tray goes under the Bird's Nest ferns (the tags say they are Elkhorn ferns, but there is no way) in the dining room.

More trays keep the bar looking neat and tidy.
Random silver and stainless bowls and vases from the bookshelves.

They were really tarnished, but not anymore!
Back in their places.
The little silver pitcher sits on my night stand to hold pens for when I start making lists in my head that I know I'll never remember.
And some silver boxes that hold random things on my dresser. The mercury glass vases from the Martha Stewart Collection (shameless plug) add to all the reflective surfaces in the bedroom. Now to tackle everything on open shelves in the kitchen...which pretty much means everything in the kitchen!


  1. Matt, you never cease to amaze me. Wow! That was a LOT of elbow grease, my friend! --Corinne

  2. That is a lot of polishing. I whine when I need to polish my 3 or 4 things. Your post brought back memories of polishing spoons at my mom's house. She had 4 or 5 racks of sterling spoons hanging on the wall. What a pain to polish but they looked so nice when they were done.


  3. I love polishing-it always feels like a great accoplishment at the end, even though it only took about an hour and a half to do all of it (with several small "breaks"). I just turn up the music and go to town.