Thursday, February 23, 2012


I really don't get sick very often. I usually get "half sick", meaning I start to feel like I'm getting the flu or a cold, but it's just a minor annoyance and goes away a day or so later. I think the fact that I always have the bedroom window cracked a smidge, and the transom in the kitchen open to fresh air helps. It seems like fresh air is what Katharine Hepburn would prescribe, right? Currently I'm just plain sick. No aches, no pains, just congestion and a bit of a cough and PRESSURE. It started on Tuesday. Really got rolling on Wednesday. Today is Thursday. I'm over it. I want it gone. I felt so much better this morning (which is usually the time I feel most horrid), and now it's all back.

Seriously, I'm starting to get mad.

I've been drinking orange juice ever since I got home. Started out freshly squeezed...have moved on to a big jug. Next I may try rubbing garlic on my feet. Or Vicks. Ugh.

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