Thursday, February 16, 2012

Suffering Succulents!

Remember when my ceiling collapsed? Well a poor, little, unidentified agave is the only plant that took a direct hit...and I've been neglecting him ever since. For some reason tonight I was shopping and thought "I need to get a pot for that agave". I don't know why this thought popped into my mind, but I grabbed one, headed home, and went to work on him and some of his cousins I had been rooting for about a month.

Man this guy got hit. All the scratches are from pieces of plaster tearing him up. Plus there was hardly any soil in the pot (it was like that when I bought it).
There was even still bits of plaster stuck in his leaves!
Took him out of the plastic nursery pot and discovered a little pup growing. I am happy to say they are both happily re potted.
After the January bridal show I saved a few succulents from a bouquet that Lilly's had made. I cut them out of the bouquet once the flowers began to fade and stuck them in some wet sand. Then I sort of forgot about them. Many wilted, but I was hoping a few may have rooted.
And they did!
I really know nothing about what succulents these are, but I believe this is a type of echeveria. Maybe.
He grew a LOT of roots!
I mixed some of the sand into a cactus/citrus soil mix...
...and filled the little pots.
My succulent collection is really growing. The ones I actually bought only cost between$1-$3 each, but the majority were free! The agave seems much happier already...maybe I'll be able to make some tequila!

That mysterious echeveria looks much happier.

I think all of these guys may move out to the garden this Summer to see if they get any sort of growth spurt. 
If only I had a proper greenhouse, I would use these to under plant larger agave or cycads. The thought of moving large pots up to the Penthouse in the winter, however, is something I'd rather not even imagine. Someday...sigh.

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