Sunday, February 12, 2012

They Keep Growing, and Growing, and Growing...(Citrus Update)

This afternoon was the first time off I've had at home since last Wednesday, so I've been busy catching up on work at the Penthouse. Among the chores is watering, watering, watering. Everyone is getting thirstier these days, as the sun shines longer and higher in the sky, and the plants start to "wake up" a little.

My original Meyer lemon is looking wonderful.
And it has it's first bud EVER! (blurry, sorry)

The larger Nagami kumquat is laden with sweet/tart fruit that you can just pop in your mouth.
The other Nagami on the left, and one of the (already fruited) Fukushu (or Changshou) kumquats on the right.

More new sprouts on the little lime that lost everything!

It now has tender new leaves sprouting on the formerly bare branches. He needs some outdoor time!
Ever since pruning out the dying branches, the Eustis limequats have been growing perfectly well.
But now one of the Fukushu kumquats needs a little pruning. Still don't know the cause, but they seem to be doing fine once the branches are removed.
The Meyer lemon sure is taking his time to ripen.
And remember my new Ponderosa lemon that arrived last month from Logee's?
He already has a TON of buds! This is the plant that can grow up to 5lb lemons! Can't wait to see what happens!

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