Sunday, March 18, 2012

Around The Garden, March 18th, 2012

It truly was a shock today when I arrived at my parents' house and looked out into the garden. Daffodils were blooming everywhere, hyacinths were open, and I could just see some of the crocus scattered in the lawn between the Cutting Garden and the Pergola. After taking a long stroll, and seeing more and more things popping up, we went to work for a bit in the Kitchen Garden (I'm going to call it a Kitchen Garden this year, because it sounds very English, and "Potager" might be just a wee bit too pretentious). All of the sweet peas are planted, and the sugar snap and shelling peas, as well as some spinach, cilantro, radish, and mesclun will be planted tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm sticking to the regular schedule, as of now. These are all things that I would usually be planting around this time (as long as there was no snow on the ground).

The daffodils really shouldn't even look like this yet!
Most, however, look like this!
The shade bed behind the house is bursting with blooms...and messes that need cleaned up!
I love these little 'Tete-a-tete' daffodils that edge the path from the patio to the Garden. They have multiplied nicely in the year they have been planted.

More Spring blooms in another corner of the Shade Garden. These classic yellow daffodils have the sweetest scent that I had never noticed until today!
Some 'Ice Follies'.
Here we have the sad little Ramble (as I like to call it-nicer than calling it "the Mess"). The rabbits did a job on the forsythia again this Winter, but a few blooms are trying to give a depressing little show. More clean-up to do, and some mulching. The row of split corona daffodils planted last fall are all coming up nicely.
The crocus bulbs Junior and I scattered in the lawn are finally blooming. I can't wait until they begin to naturalize.

I love the patterns!
The Cutting Garden is really rather unbelievable with all of the hyacinths blooming.
I picked several today, since I'm sure the 80 degree weather over the next few days will cause them all to blast open.

I'm happy to see all of the new shoots of the red raspberries the rabbits chewed down. I really need to buy the parts and pieces to fence off the Cutting Garden / Berry Patch.
Over in the new Peony Border I was extremely relieved to see some new shoots.

I was really worried this area suffered from poor drainage. Apparently, I had nothing to worry about.

I'm sure it won't be much of a show this year, but in a few more it should be quite full and wonderful.
Some 'Jetfire' daffodils out under the Pergola.
And more muscari 'Azureum' blooming in a rather squat manner this year. They are too short to pick!
Second year asparagus is pushing out of the ground. Next year we should be able to start picking.

I took a few minutes this afternoon to transplant several parsley plants that were growing haphazardly around the Kitchen Garden.

I dug very deep to try and not disturb their long tap roots.
Now I have a row of parsley on either side of the path leading into the extension we put in last year!

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