Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daffodils, Daffodils, and More Daffodils

While I was going through pictures I took today and Friday, I realized I had enough pics of daffodils to fill an entire post. I absolutely love daffodils. They multiply readily, nothing thinks they taste good, they only need divided every decade or so (it seems), and they are extremely reliable. Like the daylily of the Spring garden! Plus (and also like daylilies) there are so many varieties! We have many more than what are posted here, but they have either already faded or are yet to open. I love to add to the "collection" every year, and Brent and Becky's Bulbs is a great source.

Have a look!

'Pink Charm' in the area where we planted the "Pink Collection" of daffodils from Breck's.

A still rather peachy centered 'Accent' that will turn salmon-pink.

And 'Mon Cherie', also in the pink area. I've since discovered pinky-peach daffodils in other places that I don't remember planting.

A little, unnamed mini.

This is 'Flower Record', though it doesn't really look the way it should.

Some 'Scarlett Gem' daffodils out by the pergola.

One of the mix of split corona daffodils planted out in the front of the Ramble.

A 'Golden Ducat' double daffodil just beginning to open.

Some mini 'Cheerfulness' daffodils in one of the Herb Borders.

Right next to them are some more 'Scarlet Gem'

A double 'Tahiti' just opening, and still more creamy yellow than the bright yellow the description gave.

Another split corona. The dirt on all of these flowers is thanks to the downpours we had the other day.

A faded 'Red Devon'. The cups are usually brighter orange to almost red.

More 'Scarlet Gem'.

I'm not sure what this is, but it seems like less of a double and more of a very ruffled cup type of daffodil. I need to keep looking...

These are my absolute favorite, and extremely fragrant, daffodils. They were planted years ago, but best I can tell is that they are 'Geranium', because every description of 'Geranium' says the scent is "to die for".

A dirty double.

And maybe the parents of the dirty double. A few peachy pink doubles have joined the mix of these white and yellow doubles and peach-cupped 'Salome' daffodils over the past few years.


  1. Hi! Your unnamed little mini looks like Minnow:

    Can you name this one? It was in a all season naturalizing mix from Van Engelen, thought it might be Scarlett Gem:

    Also, the daff in above pic on right doesn't appear to have a solid pink cup like Salome:

  2. Hi Zippy!

    Great photos! I think you are correct about the 'Minnow'! Thanks! I sort of think your 'Scarlett Gem' might be a 'Red Devon'. The one pictured in my blog was taken when it was a bit old and faded, and the cup is always much more vibrant when it first opens. How tall does it get? The 'Salome' could very easily be wrong, I just don't know of any other "pink" daffodil we had planted that looks close to that. I really need to dig into the "archives" (meaning the old hutch in the mudroom) and see if I can find any old boards from the packaging. I am terrible at remembering names of plants.