Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Day After the Frost...Everything Was Safe

So the temperature was dropping to 30 degrees Monday night, and all we really even tried to protect were the hydrangeas. Several years ago we had a week of cold weather in late April after most of the garden had begun to leaf out (though not as drastically as this Spring has been) and we lost all but two of the hydrangeas...what a set-back! It will be several more years before the Hydrangea Border turns into an East Hampton worthy border, but I have hope. Everything else, well, we just left it alone and hoped for the best! One cannot cover the entire Garden, after all!

Today I was happy to find that nothing suffered at all...perhaps there wasn't even a freeze. The Garden is still in all it's (one month ahead) glory, with nary a leaf singed by Jack Frost.

Here's another lengthy "Around the Garden".

Sheets along the Hydrangea Border.
Everyone remained snug under their tents!

So much promise!
The three white bleeding hearts (Dicentra spectabillis 'Alba') I planted last summer at the front edge of the White Garden are sort of doing well. This guy is doing great!
This guy is attempting a come back.

And this poor fellow, well, we'll just have to wait and see.
One of the few white 'Purrisima' tulips the damn squirrels or rabbits haven't eaten.
And one of the two white lilacs ready to burst!

The Shade Garden is looking extra spring-y! Yes, I know we need to cut down that peony!
Ferns unfurling.
The mottled leaves of trillium are appearing.
Even allium are getting buds!
Bergenia is a new plant for us, but this one seems to be happy in high shade.
The newly planted (last Fall) edging of muscari is also doing well. We need yards of mulch this year!
This little frittilaria meleagris never bloomed last Spring, and it was a nice surprise to spy this rather inconspicuous bloom in front of some daffodils.

Such a cool patterned bloom!
Hmmm...looks like the squirrels are helping to "plant" now.
Out in the Kitchen Garden we have sweet peas!
As well as shelling peas! The snap peas are up, too!
Some 'Fondant' hyacinths tucked into the Kitchen Garden on the last (freezing) day of bulb planting last Fall. I just wanted to get everything in the ground!
Dad mowed...but the crocus all survived!

I'm surprised how long these are blooming.

Just when we think they are done, there is a new round of flowers.
An old fashioned lilac ready to burst!
Tons-o-buds on the tree peony!
We started some major weeding in the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch on Sunday.
Rows of tulips (ready to come home with me).
And I am so excited about all of the flowers on all of the 'Red Lake' currants! All six plants are COVERED!
Out front some creeping flox is taking the place of the crocus blooms.
And the big, fragrant, Korean Spice viburnum is putting on it's show...even though he is supposed to bloom around my birthday (which would be April 23-so, so early this Spring).

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