Friday, March 16, 2012

More Bulbs Blooming Inside

My amaryllis continue to re-bloom! Normally they would be offering a wonderful respite from the gray days of March. Instead, they are sharing the glory with the first cuttings of daffodils from the garden. Really, 83 degrees today has me worried. I mean, 83 should not be a high temperature in Springtime period! I'm afraid the Spring flowers will be over in no time, rushed along by this ridiculous heatwave...or worse. I am still worried about another freeze, and unknown ruination of everything that is leafing out and budding right now. A late freeze that took almost all of our hydrangeas still haunts me, and I do not want a repeat. 

Let's hope we drop back down into the 50's or at least 60's soon (I'll take a low in the 40's, as well). 

Huge blooms on this tall and stately 'Apple Blossom' amaryllis.
I love the multiplied blooms reflected in the mirror.

Another is beginning to shoot up a flower stalk. I am certain one of these should be all white...we'll just have to wait and see (I'm labeling everything this year, by the way).

This 'Lady Jane' hasn't grown as tall as the other.

It is, however, the perfect size for my night stand.
Such amazing markings. I wonder if any more will "wake up" before they move outside for Summer.

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