Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Month Ahead

I did a quick flip through my pictures of last Spring, and found some pics of Easter 2011, which fell on April 24. I cannot believe the way the Cutting Garden looks today...exactly a month earlier than it should.

Last year in April, the hyacinths were blooming, muscari was just getting tall enough to pick, there were still daffodils, and the tulips were just getting ready to open.

Horrible bad photo, but you can see the daffodils are past their prime, muscari is tall and at it's peak, tulips are open (and, thank God, many are still to open), and the hyacinths are pretty much done (after I cut all of the leggy ones knocked over by the rain). We are one full month ahead...which means we are really behind in our weeding.

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