Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Spring!

Spring has sprung...early. Despite my constant complaining about the unseasonably high temperatures, I guess I will just take the good with the bad and be grateful that, on March 20, I have fresh flowers all over the Penthouse. I'll be heading over to the Garden later to continue clean-up and seed sowing, but for now I'm happy to be doing a bit more cleaning while enjoying the lush fragrance of hyacinths, as well as the more delicate scent of daffodils, permeating the Penthouse.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Nothing is better than the bright cheerfulness, and heady scent, of hyacinths. It is especially nice to look over at them while working at my desk.
The golden daffodils seem brighter against the golden brass tray table. I used the little hobnail milk glass tumblers for easy arrangements all over the Penthouse.
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And there is absolutely nothing better than the fragrance of hyacinths on the night stand when you go to sleep...unless, maybe, the scent of lilacs. Hopefully we will have some time before they start blooming, however.

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